The 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race

The 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race

The 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race: A Premier Sailing Event


The 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race is set to be one of the most thrilling sailing events of the year. This biennial ocean race, established in 1906, is a marquee event in the sailing world, attracting sailors from around the globe to test their skills on the challenging course between Newport, Rhode Island, and Bermuda. In this blog, we delve into the significance, history, and highlights of the 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race, and why it is a must-see event for sailing enthusiasts.


    A Brief History of the Newport to Bermuda Race


The Newport to Bermuda Race, also known as the Bermuda Race, was founded by Thomas Fleming Day, editor of *The Rudder* magazine, to promote blue-water racing. The inaugural race in 1906 saw just three boats competing, but it quickly grew in popularity. Today, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious ocean races, attracting a diverse fleet of competitors from around the world.


    Key Details of the 2024 Race


1.   Race Start Date and Location  

-   Date:   June 21, 2024

-   Starting Point:   Newport, Rhode Island  Fort Adams State Park for Viewing from Land.  


2.   Race Finish

-   Destination:   St. David’s Lighthouse, Bermuda


3.   Course Distance  

-   Total Distance:   Approximately 635 nautical miles


    Why the Newport to Bermuda Race is Significant


1.   Prestigious History

The Newport to Bermuda Race has over a century of storied history, making it a bucket-list event for sailors. Its long-standing tradition is a testament to its significance in the sailing community.


2.   Challenging Course

The race is known for its challenging course, which requires navigational expertise and strategic sailing. Competitors face variable weather conditions and the complexities of the Gulf Stream, making it a true test of skill and endurance.


3.   Diverse Fleet

The race attracts a wide range of boats and crews, from amateur sailors to seasoned professionals. This diversity adds to the excitement and competitive spirit of the event.


Highlights of the 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race


1.   World-Class Competition

The 2024 race will feature some of the world’s best sailors and most advanced yachts. Spectators can expect to see cutting-edge technology and exceptional seamanship on display.


2.   Spectator Events

Newport will host various events leading up to the race, including boat shows, sailing exhibitions, and social gatherings. These events offer a chance to mingle with sailors, learn about the sport, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.


3.   Stunning Scenery

Both Newport and Bermuda offer stunning coastal views. The race provides a unique opportunity to experience these beautiful locations from a nautical perspective.


Tips for Following the Race


1.   Track the Fleet

Fans can track the progress of the boats in real-time through race tracking websites and apps. This technology allows you to follow your favorite teams and stay updated on the race’s progress.


2.   Join the Celebrations

If you’re in Newport or Bermuda, join the pre-race and post-race celebrations. These events are a great way to experience the camaraderie and excitement of the sailing community.


3.   Stay Informed

Follow official race updates on social media and the event’s website. These platforms provide regular updates, photos, and insights from the race.


Why Attend the Newport to Bermuda Race


1.   Experience Sailing Excellence

Witnessing the Newport to Bermuda Race is a chance to see sailing excellence up close. The skill, strategy, and teamwork required for this race are truly inspiring.


2.   Community and Networking

The race attracts a global sailing community, offering excellent networking opportunities. Whether you’re a sailor, a sailing enthusiast, or simply a lover of the sea, you’ll find kindred spirits at this event.


3.   Explore Newport and Bermuda

Attending the race also gives you the chance to explore two beautiful destinations. Newport, with its historic mansions and vibrant waterfront, and Bermuda, with its pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage, offer plenty of attractions for visitors.




The 2024 Newport to Bermuda Race promises to be an exhilarating event, showcasing the best in sailing talent and maritime tradition. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a curious onlooker, this race offers a unique blend of competitive spirit, historical significance, and breathtaking scenery. Mark your calendar for June 21, 2024, and prepare to be part of an event that celebrates the enduring allure of ocean racing.

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