Sales Associate

Joseph Costa

Specializing in Boston, MA & Newport, RI



Joseph has an extensive background in early stage enterprises, having built a successful company by the age of 25, serving in sales and marketing roles in high-tech startups. Joe is an experienced marketer and sales manager who applies his eclectic background and iconoclastic thinking to create helpful solutions for clients. Founder of the Play It Forward consulting group, Joseph has worked with companies such as Avon, Mars, Inc., and Tyra (Banks) Beauty to strategize growth opportunities.

Contact Realtor Joseph Costa to sell property & find  luxury real estate and homes for sale in Boston (Cambridge, Back Bay, South End), homes for sale in Rhode Island (Jamestown, Newport, Narragansett Pier), and more.


Areas of Expertise

Explore Newport neighborhoods with Joseph Costa, your dedicated real estate agent. Join them to discover your dream neighborhood and turn your property dreams into reality.

Work With Joseph

The competitive drive which fueled much of my consulting and business endeavors has also given me the ability to see the opportunity in a home to make it beautiful. I look forward to sharing this talent with a range of buyers and sellers. I want to help people find, market, and sell their dream homes.

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