Exploring the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, Rhode Island

Exploring the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, Rhode Island

Exploring the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, RI: A Paradise for Car Enthusiasts


Nestled in the historic and picturesque city of Newport, Rhode Island, the Audrain Automobile Museum offers car enthusiasts an exceptional journey through the history of automotive design and engineering. With its impressive collection of classic cars, rotating exhibitions, and a variety of engaging events, the museum is a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about automobiles.


The Audrain Automobile Museum: A Glimpse into Automotive Excellence


The Audrain Automobile Museum, located in the heart of Newport, is dedicated to celebrating the artistry and innovation of the automobile. Founded by collector and philanthropist Nicholas Schorsch, the museum opened its doors in 2014 and has since become a cornerstone of Newport's cultural and historical landscape.


1. The Collection

   - The museum boasts a meticulously curated collection of over 160 cars, ranging from early 20th-century models to modern supercars. The diversity of the collection showcases the evolution of automotive design, engineering, and technology.

   - Highlights include iconic models from prestigious marques such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Rolls-Royce. Each car is displayed in pristine condition, reflecting the museum's commitment to preservation and excellence.


2. Rotating Exhibitions

   - The Audrain Automobile Museum hosts rotating exhibitions, ensuring that each visit offers a new and exciting experience. These themed exhibitions highlight different aspects of automotive history, such as design innovations, racing heritage, and the cultural impact of cars.

   - Past exhibitions have included "Women Take the Wheel," celebrating the contributions of women in the automotive world, and "Horseless to Horsepower," tracing the transition from horse-drawn carriages to motorized vehicles.


Events for Car Enthusiasts


Beyond its impressive collection, the Audrain Automobile Museum is renowned for its dynamic calendar of events that cater to car enthusiasts of all ages. These events offer unique opportunities to engage with the automotive community, learn from experts, and experience the thrill of classic and contemporary cars in action.


1. Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week**

   - One of the most anticipated events on the automotive calendar, the Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week is a celebration of automotive excellence and elegance. Held annually in the fall, this multi-day event attracts collectors, enthusiasts, and industry experts from around the world.

   - The Concours d'Elegance, the centerpiece of the event, features a stunning display of the world's finest classic and contemporary cars, judged by a panel of esteemed experts. The event also includes seminars, panel discussions, and exclusive dinners, offering a comprehensive automotive experience.


2. Cars & Coffee

   - The Audrain Automobile Museum hosts regular Cars & Coffee events, inviting car enthusiasts to gather and share their passion in a relaxed, informal setting. Held on select weekends, these gatherings provide an opportunity to admire a diverse array of vehicles, from vintage classics to modern exotics.

   - Attendees can enjoy coffee, donuts, and conversation with fellow enthusiasts, as well as explore the museum's latest exhibitions and collections.


3. Driving Tours and Rallies

   - For those who love to experience cars on the open road, the Audrain Automobile Museum organizes driving tours and rallies. These events take participants on scenic drives through Newport and the surrounding areas, often stopping at historic sites, beautiful landscapes, and exclusive venues.

   - Whether you’re driving a vintage roadster or a modern supercar, these tours offer a unique way to enjoy the beauty of Rhode Island while indulging in the thrill of driving.


4. Educational Programs and Workshops

   - The museum is committed to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of automotive history and technology. To this end, it offers a range of educational programs and workshops for all ages.

   - Programs include hands-on workshops where participants can learn about car restoration and maintenance, as well as lectures and seminars featuring renowned automotive historians and experts.


5. Special Exhibitions and Themed Events

   - Throughout the year, the Audrain Automobile Museum hosts special exhibitions and themed events that celebrate specific aspects of automotive culture. These events often coincide with significant anniversaries, holidays, or milestones in automotive history.

   - Examples include holiday-themed displays, anniversary celebrations for iconic car models, and exhibitions that highlight the contributions of influential automotive designers and engineers.


Visiting the Audrain Automobile Museum


Planning a visit to the Audrain Automobile Museum is a rewarding experience for any car enthusiast. Here are some tips to make the most of your visit:


1. Location and Hours

   - The museum is conveniently located at 222 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI. Check the museum's website for current hours of operation and any special events or exhibitions that may be taking place during your visit.


2. Tickets and Membership

   - Tickets can be purchased online or at the museum. Consider becoming a member for additional benefits, including free admission, exclusive event invitations, and discounts on merchandise.


3. Group Visits and Tours

   - The museum offers guided tours for groups, providing an in-depth look at the collection and exhibitions. These tours are ideal for car clubs, school groups, and corporate outings.


The Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, RI, is more than just a museum; it’s a hub for automotive enthusiasts to connect, learn, and celebrate the rich history and exciting future of the automobile. With its world-class collection, engaging exhibitions, and diverse range of events, the museum offers something for everyone who shares a passion for cars. Whether you’re a lifelong car aficionado or just beginning to explore the world of automobiles, a visit to the Audrain Automobile Museum promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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