Discover Newport, Rhode Island: The Top 5 Most Googled Homes

Discover Newport, Rhode Island: The Top 5 Most Googled Homes

Discover Newport, Rhode Island: The Top 5 Most Googled Homes

Newport, Rhode Island, is a treasure trove of architectural marvels and historic estates. Known for its opulent mansions, this coastal city has long been a playground for America’s elite. Curious visitors and architectural enthusiasts frequently search for information about Newport's most famous homes. Here are the top five most Googled homes in Newport, RI, each with a unique story and unparalleled beauty.

1. The Breakers

The Jewel of the Gilded Age

The Breakers is the crown jewel of Newport’s mansions. Built for Cornelius Vanderbilt II, a member of the wealthy and influential Vanderbilt family, this Italian Renaissance-style palazzo is a testament to the opulence of the Gilded Age.

Key Features:
- Architect: Designed by Richard Morris Hunt.
- Construction:  Completed in 1895.
-  Size:  70 rooms spread over five floors.
- Highlights: Lavish interiors with gold-leaf accents, marble columns, and intricate mosaics. The Great Hall, with its 45-foot-high ceiling, is particularly breathtaking.

Why It's Popular:
The Breakers is a symbol of American wealth and grandeur. Its stunning architecture, extensive grounds, and beautifully preserved interiors attract thousands of visitors each year, making it a top search on Google.

2. Marble House

A Monument to Extravagance

Another Vanderbilt family masterpiece, Marble House was built for William K. Vanderbilt. This Beaux-Arts mansion epitomizes the opulence and ambition of the Gilded Age.

Key Features:
- Architect:       Also designed by Richard Morris Hunt.
- Construction: Completed in 1892.
- Materials:        The house incorporates 500,000 cubic feet of marble.
- Highlights:   The Gold Ballroom, inspired by Versailles, and the Chinese Tea House on the grounds.

Why It's Popular:
Marble House’s sheer extravagance and historical significance make it a must-see. Its role in social and architectural history, combined with its eye-catching beauty, ensures it remains a top-searched home.

3. Rosecliff

The Iconic Party Mansion

Rosecliff is synonymous with the glamorous social scene of early 20th-century Newport. Built for silver heiress Theresa Fair Oelrichs, Rosecliff has hosted some of the most lavish parties in Newport's history.

Key Features:
- Architect:   Stanford White of McKim, Mead & White.
- Construction:   Completed in 1902.
- Design Inspiration:   Modeled after the Grand Trianon at Versailles.
- Highlights:   The heart-shaped grand staircase, the ballroom, and the extensive gardens.

Why It's Popular:
Rosecliff’s association with high society and its appearances in films like "The Great Gatsby" and "27 Dresses" contribute to its popularity. Its romantic architecture and storied past make it a frequent Google search.

4. The Elms

An American Versailles

The Elms is another standout in Newport’s collection of grand homes. Built for Edward Julius Berwind, a coal magnate, this mansion was designed to resemble the Château d'Asnières in France.

Key Features:
- Architect:   Horace Trumbauer.
- Construction:   Completed in 1901.
- Highlights:   Elaborate gardens with fountains and sculptures, a grand conservatory, and the opulent dining room.

Why It's Popular:
The Elms is famous for its grandeur and its beautiful grounds, which include formal gardens modeled after those of European palaces. The mansion's well-preserved state and the fascinating stories of the Berwind family intrigue many visitors.

5. Rough Point

The Eccentric Heiress’s Home

Rough Point, the oceanfront estate of heiress and philanthropist Doris Duke, offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of America’s most eccentric and private heiresses.

Key Features:
- Architect:   Designed by Peabody and Stearns.
- Construction:   Completed in 1892.
- Highlights:   The home is filled with European antiques, fine art, and personal mementos collected by Doris Duke.

Why It's Popular:
Rough Point's allure lies in its association with Doris Duke, known for her intriguing life and contributions to the arts. The estate’s stunning oceanfront location and its collection of art and antiques make it a highly searched home.


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